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About Sanjay Polymers

Company Profile

We were formed in the year 1998 with a vision and commitment to provide customized extruded products like Plastic Profiles (FLEXIBLE, RIGID & CO-EXTRUDED), Sleeves and Tube with high quality and advanced manufacturing methodologies, thereby ensuring our customers to visualize their wildest dreams in plastic extrusion.

The young and highly motivated team at SANJAY POLYMERS has been proving their capabilities to every new customer with our quality products and the best services possible at the minimum lead time.

The major breakthrough has been made in replacement of Aluminum profiles and FRP pultruted components by extruded Rigid PVC profiles.

About Us

Vision & Mission

  • To be the premier and preferred plastic extrusion Part supplier in India and world wide.
  • To provide the highest quality Extrusion Parts possible through our highly skilled and dedicated employees and state-of-the-art manufacturing process and facility.
  • To pursue an aggressive development program and Value engineering thus insuring our future as a leader in Plastic Extrusion.
  • To provide the highest standards of service available through our highly trained employees, and are expected to serve the customer with our highest level of technical knowledge in the extrusion industry.

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